Many people see the world differently. Some see this world as a disadvantage due to the circumstances they were brought into or experienced as their life progressed. Nonetheless, I believe we all want to achieve the “Good Life”. The “Good Life” contains four intangibles which are HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, & HAPPINESS. You cannot achieve that life without each of those intangibles being aligned with one another. I’ve dedicated my life to search for the “Good Life” and teach others the path towards it as well. I believe that in order for us to reach that life we must follow the “rules of life”.

 The rules of life have been transcribed in many different forms by several leaders around the world and throughout time, but they stay consistent with each leader. I’ve been able to use these rules and transform my life into the life I’ve so desperately desired. While I have not found all of the rules to the game, I want to share with the world those rules I have found.

These rules will help anyone start they’re journey towards the “Good Life”. Now these rules may or may not be right but it’s up to you to be decision maker on that analysis. I will tell you this, these rules have made a lot of people better off. I’ve decided to put these rules in a specific order that may help your journey be a bit easier, but as I mentioned before you can use your own analysis for that as well.

            Rule #1: Stop Lying To Yourself

A lot of us in this world desire the best of everything. We desire everything that’s great but yet we struggle to put in the work required to achieve those desires. The reason we fail to reach our desires is not because the world is against us or because it’s something impossible to achieve. The reason why everyone fails is because they’re lying to themselves all the time. You see people don’t realize that you can lie to anyone and probably get away with it but there’s only one person whom you’ll never be able to lie to and that’s yourself.  

Every year, on January 1st, there are thousands and thousands of people claiming that things will be different this year. They probably even set goals such as getting in shape, finding a better job, being a better parent, etc. As the first few months go by, people forget all about those goals and go back to how they were the year before. Nothing changes. It’s not because their goals were unrealistic it’s because they didn’t even try Let me tell you this, if you want to succeed and achieve anything you have to stop lying to yourself. But what do I mean by that? Let’s look at some examples:

Example #1: Losing Weight

Everyone wants to lose weight and be in shape. As all of us know, it requires us to eat healthy and exercise. The most common lies people tell themselves are these… “I’ll start next week”, “Oh it’s just this one time”, “I got too many things to do”.

Stop lying to yourself.

Example #2 Getting a better grade in class

Everyone wants to get an A in their class but how many of them really do? What does an A require? Studying. The most common lies… “I’ll start next week”, “Oh, it just this one time”, “I got to many things to do”.

Stop lying to yourself.

Example #3 Getting a better job

Everyone wants to work somewhere where they’re happy and make good money. How many people actually take those risks needed to get to that position? The most common lies… “I’ll start next week”, “Oh, I still have time”, “I got to many things to do”.

Stop lying to yourself.

Starting to see a pattern?

Lies are lies. Whether they’re big or small. They still impact our lives in a negative aspect. Each and every one of us know exactly when we’re lying to ourself. One way you can tell you lied is when you get the guilty feeling in your stomach noting that you did something wrong. Another way you can tell is when that little voice inside of your head keeps bothering you because you know did something wrong. Lastly, lies usually come in a form of excuses. Whenever you’re giving an excuse to not do something then just know that you’re lying to yourself and your dreams.

This is the first step towards the “Good Life”. You have to stop lying to yourself. If you really want to achieve something, you have to question yourself if you’re really doing what is right.

The reason I put this as rule number one is because if you cannot follow this simple rule, there is no way you’ll ever be able to achieve your desires. This is actually going to be the roadblock that stops many people from achieving what they want. But I promise you, that once you apply this rule, you’ll notice how easier things will be.

So how do you use this rule?

Easy. Next time you want to achieve something ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you doing everything possible to achieve that goal?
  2. What can you do better?
  3. What are lying to yourself about?
  4. Did you make any excuses?
  5. Am I doing what is right?  

If you can answer those questions honestly, then you’ll be on the path towards a better life. As I mentioned before, these are merely rules that can help you achieve the “Good Life” if you so wish to attain it. Nonetheless, I cannot tell you what to do. But I do wish you the very best.

“ Life is a game. Games have rules. Follow the rules. & you’ll win the game” -Chris Mo

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